Cade Cunningham

Name: Cade Cunningham

Class: 2020

Position: CF

Height: 6'5"

AAU Team: Texas Titans

Strengths: Basketball IQ, Finishing abilities, Ballhandling, Rebounding

Weaknesses: Jumpshot, Elite Ballhandling, Speed

Spotlight Clairvoyance: N/A

Notes: Cunningham has grown since last year and now is about 6’5 and a half now. He has such a smooth game and he lets the game come to him. One knock I use to have on him was the ability to take over games and he has shown that more but there are also games where he has shut down as well. Cunningham will continue to grow and his projected to be close to 6’10 at his peak. He can become the top player in his class when it is all said and done.