Griffith Datcher

Name: Griffith Datcher

Class: 2021

Position: SF/PF

Height: 6'4"

AAU Team: God First Crusaders

Strengths: Athleticism, Versatility, Defense, Finishing abilities

Weaknesses: Toughness (Mental), Consistent Jumper

Spotlight Clairvoyance: N/A

Notes: Datcher is an interesting player. I have seen him take over games and look dominate on both sides of the ball and I have also seen him shy away from the competition. Datcher is about 6’4" and he can handle the ball, score inside, rebound, block shots, I mean he can do a lot of good on the court. Datcher hasa chance to be really special and once he starts becoming more consistent, he can see a big jump in his rankings