Isaiah LeBlanc

Name: Isaiah LeBlanc

Class: 2020

Position: SG/SF

Height: 6'2"

AAU Team: God First Crusaders

Strengths: Jumpshot, High Volume Scoring, Basketball IQ, Rebounding

Weaknesses: Athleticism, Elite Ballhandling, Lateral Quickness

Spotlight Clairvoyance: N/A

Notes: When you talk about scorers in Texas 2020 class, LeBlanc is one of the first names that come out. He can score in the half court setting efficiently and sometimes looks like instant offense. He isn’t quick laterally, which makes him struggle against fast guards and when he is pressured heavily, he commits more turnovers than I would want to see (AlthoughI prefer for all players to not turn the ball over period but that’s not realistic). Anyways LeBlanc looks like he is growing to the height of his dad which is a real good thing for him as a prospect and we will see how his game progress in the next couple of years.