Jalen Wilson

Name: Jalen Wilson

Class: 2019

Position: SF

Height: 6'5"

AAU Team: D1-Premier

Strengths: Set Jumpshot, Active Rebounder, Conditioning

Weaknesses: Playing in control, Vision

Spotlight Clairvoyance: Mid-High Major

Notes: Wilson can be a very special player when it is all said and done. At 6’5, Wilson does a good job running the lanes, finding his spots and scoring. His jumper is nice and consistent and he also has solid finishing abilities (Although they could be better). My main knock on him is his IQ for the game. He plays out of control at times and forces bad shots or makes a turnover. Whenever the games slows down for him, you see a high productive Jalen Wilson. He is young so it is very common and we will see how he develops.