LJ Cryer

Name: LJ Cryer

Class: 2020

Position: PG

Height: 5'7"

AAU Team: Basketball University 15u

Strengths: Vision, Jumpshot, Floor Leader

Weaknesses: Finishing inside, Strength (Physical)

Spotlight Clairvoyance: N/A

Notes: Cryer is one tough player to contain and in the 15u Adidas Uprising he put up strong numbers. First session he averaged 25 points per game. Cryer is as good of a passer as he is as a scorer. Concerns of his height will be with him as he may or may not get too much taller but he is young and he will grow thats for sure. How much we don’t know yet. That may be his only knock because he does everything else on the court so well it is hard to not recognize him. Cryer is legit, and regardless of height he is one of the best players in his 2020 class right now and that is hard to argue against.