PrimeTime Sports EYB Classic Day 1 Performers

Prime Time Sports EYB Classic has been a very strong tournament in the past couple of years. Let’s look at the top performers from Saturday.

Tevin Morgan 2017 PG, Texas Elite Basketball (Cory): Morgan is a 6’2 point guard with good size and scoring abilities. His game is smooth on offense and he has nice athleticism as well. Morgan needs to be better at getting players more involved but he looked better at that department next weekend. He isn’t very known in his class and he I wouldn’t say he is D1 but at the other levels Morgan is a player too long look at.

Jamar McCray 2020 PG, Texas Elite Basketball: McCray is ranked in the 60’s in the 2020 class state rankings and he was playing up this weekend. I will need to see him more against elite level talent but his skill set is very good. Can score inside well, handle the ball at an elite level, McCray just needs to work on his jump shot more and he’ll be fine.

Nathan Dominick 2020 PF, D1-Premier: Dominick played sound this weekend. He struggled to get himself involved within the offense but I think he is starting to play his role a lot better. He was more aggressive with the ball in the high post and the top of the key. He also rebounded well on the defensive end. I like to see Dominick play more like he did this weekend going forward because he is a very good player.

Jaxon Smith 2020 PG, D1-Premier: Smith has played very well at the point guard spot and his ability to come off picks and score effectively has been good for that D1-Premier group. When Kamryn Waites sets the screen and roles or when Dominick sets the screen and pop, it has created mismatches and easy scoring opportunities. Like what Smith does on the floor and he is capable of scoring 20 points in any game.

Dorian Glinton 2019 SG, Team Dream Again: Glinton is very aggressive with the ball and he finds lane openings when teams go zone as well. He is fast and he has a solid handle of the ball. His shot needs work and it is mainly short due to him not getting much lift on his shot. Glinton is a work horse and he is a type of player a team would want. A kid that brings toughness, intensity and a little bit of attitude which isn’t bad.

Darius Whittington 2020 SG, DJH5: When Whittington is on, he is hard to contain. He can shoot the ball from the perimeter at a high level and he has a nice handle with him. Sometimes he settles too much for the three point shot when he can just drive and get a layup or set a teammate up for an open look, but that will come with time. Whittington is also ranked in the 2020 class and his performance this weekend will see a rise in his stock.

RJ Johnson 2019 PG, ProSkills: Johnson can flat out shoot the ball. Johnson offensively is explosive and he is capable of scoring a lot quick. Defensively he is tough and moves well laterally and in transition he does a good job getting into the spots to get open looks. I would like to see him set his teammates more for shots but his scoring abilities is at a high level.

Zakari Hart 2018 SF, Elite Academy Ducks: Hart stands at 6’6 and he can shoot the ball and finish inside well. The lefty does a good job playing help-side defense and times shots well to get blocks. He needs to bulk up his frame and score better inside but he his potential is high and I want to see how he develops going forward.

~by Ani Umana